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What a day - Femme Open in Bristol break records!

29 April 2024 at 17:38

Rocket Bristol Hosts Historic Femme Open Padel Event: Empowering Women on the Court


Bristol, UK - April 28, 2024

Femme Open UK made history on Sunday, April 28th, as it hosted its largest-ever women's padel tournament in the UK at Rocket Bristol. A total of 64 competitors took to eight courts, ranging from beginners to more advanced players, in a one-day event

Femme Open extended bursary places to students from Bristol University for the event ensuring that aspiring players from all backgrounds were given the opportunity to participate. Moreover, Femme Open proudly launched its pioneering mentoring scheme, pairing experienced Femme Open padel players with newcomers and juniors. This initiative is designed to not only foster skills development but also create a supportive community where players can learn, grow, and inspire one another.

Pep Stonor, Head of Femme Open UK said: “Since we started Femme Open in the UK in September 2022, we have had regular feedback from our padel community that they struggle to find partners or that their friends are too scared to join a competition. We asked our network for experienced padel players who were willing to partner women for their first competition or to partner with a junior player who wants more competition experience. Thank you to our padel community who volunteered to help other women and girls grow and improve at padel and make their experience at this event such a positive one.”

"Our goal is to create an inclusive and empowering environment where every player enjoys having an afternoon to themselves to play padel, network and meet other women and know they are part of an amazing worldwide group of women who love sport!"

Harriet Bower, Bristol University first year student, said: “It was great to see so many girls playing sport. 64 is insane! We felt nervous at first but then it was super welcoming and well organised. We loved the lunch, goody bags and meeting everyone. We will be back to play more padel here for sure”.

About Femme Open: Femme Open is a sports network for women. It is dedicated to promoting and advancing women's participation in sports. Through tournaments, events, and community initiatives, Femme Open aims to create opportunities for women of all skill levels to engage with the sport, develop their abilities, and foster a supportive network of players.

Anyone interested in signing up for future Femme Open events should visit


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