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Why you need padel shoes

9 February 2023 at 08:27

Running shoes, which many people use, are designed to provide comfort and stability when you move consistently in a specific direction. Indoor shoes and padel court shoes, on the other hand have a flat sole to provide the best possible grip on sports flooring and hall surfaces.


If you are trying padel for the first time, a standard pair of running shoes will suffice. That being said; if you decide to play regularly, you should invest in shoes that give you the best opportunities on the court.


GRIP Having a good grip on the court is crucial to playing properly and avoiding injury. The optimal grip is where the shoe stays when it should and releases when it needs to. Good grip limits mobility and puts a strain on knees and joints. Too little grip means you will lose time in quick turns and increase the risk of injury. If it's difficult to determine what's best for you, we recommend shoe types that provide a lot of good grip. To find optimal grip, you must choose the sole according to the surface you play on. If you exclude various types of artificial turf, the padel courts in Norway can essentially be divided into two categories. Courts with "a lot" or "little" sand. You can determine this by evaluating how visible the sand is on the court.

Shoe_in the bread copy.png

Shoe_in the bread copy.png

Clay / Tractor pattern These shoes are recommended for courts with a lot of sand. Some may argue they provide too much grip on courts with little sand, but most people prefer shoes with this pattern. Omni This pattern is made for courts with less sand and provides a varied grip, designed for the movement patterns in padel. Can feel a bit slippery on courts with a lot of sand.

All Court A combination of the above is also available on some models. Here the shoe combines the tractor pattern and omni pattern, as the idea is that you have optimal grip when you need it, but the shoe gives you freedom and flexibility. various shoe samples STABILITY There is a big difference in shoe stability between the different models. Some models are lower and lighter with less ankle support, while others are higher and more robust. The advantage of padel shoes is that they are designed to provide stability in the vertical movements and rotations of the padel player. How much stability you need depends on your preferences and your physique. A heavier player, for example, will need more stability to avoid the risk of injury.

COMFORT Many of us spend several hours a week on the padel court. Having good shoes with good comfort is important for the overall experience and to avoid feeling tired in your feet. It is important to have a shoe that is comfortable in all types of movements - not just movements in one direction, but quick stops, turns, and jumps.

DURABILITY The rate at which the shoe wears down of course depends on how much you play and how you treat them. A good place to start is to choose a pair of quality shoes from a brand you are familiar with, which are durable and provide comfort and support over time. Even shoes that look whole and fine can over time lose their ability to provide cushioning and support. This increases the risk of injury, so focus on quality.

TIPS FOR BUYING PADEL SHOES Frequency If you only play paddleball occasionally, you can choose a cheaper model, but make sure to prioritize the sole and comfort. However, if you play regularly several times a week, it is recommended to invest in a good pair of paddle shoes.

Consider having two pairs Shoes often need to "rest" from tight and sweaty socks. Make sure to dry the shoes and don't leave them lying in your bag. Instead, consider having two pairs of paddle shoes, and you will find that both pairs will last longer.

Try different insoles Insoles allow you to customize the shoe to fit your own foot in terms of pronation and support under the foot. It may be worth changing the insole in the shoe for increased comfort and stability, so you get a shoe that fits your foot perfectly! Ready to get new paddle shoes? Check out our paddle shoes in our pro-shop, we always have a wide selection of shoes in hand!


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