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Who is our Head of Padel - Roxy?

13 March 2024 at 11:47

Roxanna Keshavarz, known as Roxy, has transitioned from squash to padel with remarkable speed and is now joining Rocket Padel Bristol as the new Head Of Padel on the 11th of March. Get to know her more and why she chose Rocket.

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Hi Roxy!

Tell us, Why Rocket Padel?

Rocket Padel Bristol is the biggest centre in the UK with 12 double courts and 2 single courts. The vibe at Rocket Padel is brilliant and I can’t wait to get started to put my own stamp on making Rocket ‘the place to be’. This is such an exciting opportunity for me and there’s so much scope to create new and fun socials, events and tournaments alongside having regular activities on a weekly basis for all levelled players.

What sparked your interest in becoming a Head of Padel Rocket?

Being Head of Padel at the biggest centre in the UK as well as having the opportunity to spread the ‘Roxy effect’ across other centres that Rocket Padel will be opening; is an incredible opportunity. There is so much that I can offer across 14 courts and I can’t wait!

Can you share a bit about your background and how it led you to this role?

I have a background in squash (22 years), where I played professionally, and got to 125 in the World. I have coached squash since I was 17 years old and I loved being in a sport environment from a young age. I took up Padel at my old squash club (Edgbaston Priory) back in March 2022 and I absolutely fell in love! At the time I was working at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham running one of the Athletes Villages at Warwick University. From there I saw a role open up for a Padel Centre Manager in Bristol and I was sold on the sport being a success that I had to go for it. The centre (Padel4all, Lockleaze) opened in August and running that centre was a dream. I was there for 18 months until I decided to move to take the plunge and move to Rocket Padel, Bristol.

What do you hope to bring to the club and what are your goals for enhancing the member experience?

As there are so many more courts for me to manage, I am so excited to offer lots more social and competitive events as well as having different academies to focus more on juniors and women in Padel. One of my best traits (I believe), is making sure that everyone feels like they’re part of a community and to make them feel that everyone in the Padel world are all family. So this will be one of the first experiences I’ll be focussing on once I start.

What's your favorite thing about the Padel community, and how do you plan to incorporate that into your role?

I love that everyone in the Padel community are all so friendly and wholesome. It’s so easy to get into Padel whether you’re from a racket background or not, Padel is the sport for you! The Padel community is so small, everyone knows everyone and it’s an amazing feeling especially when you’re trying to get games in cities that you don’t know, as there will always be at least one person that can point you in the right direction! Having a friendly and welcoming approach will definitely benefit the atmosphere I will be looking to implement at Rocket Padel, Bristol.

Have you had any memorable experiences playing Padel that have influenced how you approach working at the club or in padel in general?

The social aspect of Padel is by far the best in every sport I have been involved in. It’s amazing and this is probably one of the main reasons why I think it’s the fastest growing sport in the World. Not only is it hugely socialable, the experiences I have had, have really proven to me that it’s ’the sport’ to be in. I love the competitive side of everything and the experiences I have had with Padel tournaments, not only playing in them but meeting some of the nicest people and lifelong friends is an experience in itself.

Can you share a story about a particularly meaningful connection or friendship you've formed through Padel?

Through Padel I have met one of my closest friends. She played tennis, I played squash and we were members of the same club for years, but due to different social circles, we had never met… until Padel came along. I personally believe that if you have Padel in a squash/tennis club, the sport really brings people together that would have never crossed before. So, if you haven’t already, get Padel in your club!!

What aspect of working at Rocket Padel club are you most looking forward to? I’m so excited to get started on creating a community along with a competitive edge through academies and team Padel. With 14 courts, there’s going to be so much opportunity for me to run so many different internal events for all different leveled players and this is such an exciting time for me and the world of Padel in the UK!

Roxy starts at Rocket Padel Bristol on Monday the 11th of March - Join her on court 🚀


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