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Rocket Padel is the Scandinavian-born brand creating a foundation for the growth of padel with premium indoor padel venues.

As one of Europe's leading Padel operators, Rocket Padel offers cutting edge indoor padel clubs through a fusion of padel and lifestyle.

We Are Rocket Padel - est 2018

Rocket Padel is not just a club; it's a movement, a community, and a commitment to making padel more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. The company was born out of the love for padel, and as the sport grew, we began loving everything around it, too. The lifestyle. 

In the same way, Rocket has become more than just a brand; we are the intersection of padel centers, products, and experiences. We are a hub for everyone and everything that is padel. 

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”It was never just about backing the team behind Rocket; it is about investing in communities, nurturing talent, and fostering a global passion for the game. Rocket Padel represent more than just a business opportunity; it embodys the spirit of competition, unity, and the power to inspire change and create wellness a global scale” -Morten Bugge, Chairman and Lead investor

Our clubs
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Randers, Denmark

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Battersea Power Station, London

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Viborg, Denmark

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”Rocket Padel as a brand emerged from a deep passion for padel and its accompanying lifestyle. Our company ethos revolves around the belief that padel should be enjoyable, inclusive, and, above all, a great form of exercise for you and your friends.” -Seb Gordon, Founder Rocket Padel 

Our people


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Morten Bugge

Chair of the Board

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Sebastian Gordon

Founder, Chief Commercial Officer
PastedGraphic-4 3.png

Jesper Hougaard

Chief Padel Officer

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Nichlas Baun

Chief Technology Officer

Team UK

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Fredrik Kristensson

Head of Rocket Padel U.K.
AKOA4529 1.png

Carl-Henric Heimdal

Chief Padel Operator for Rocket

PastedGraphic-4 1.png

Marcus Ballyn

Club Manager Rocket Padel Bristol

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Oskar Wynne

Club Manager Rocket Padel Ilford

Team Denmark

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Lars Ingerslev

Head of Rocket Padel Denmark

SandyF-1-700x700 15.png

Claus Friis Jensen

Chief Padel Operator for Rocket Padel Denmark

PastedGraphic-4 3.png

Jeppe Dommerby

Club Manager, Rocket Padel Randers

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Thomas Kristensen

Chief Technology Officer

Team Spain

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Lasse Andersen

Club Manager Rocket Padel Mijas

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion at Rocket Padel

At Rocket Padel, we embrace diversity, equality, and inclusion as core values of our clubs. To this end, we are committed to building a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture that provides our members and guests with a range of perspectives and experiences. We strive to fulfill our mission by creating a work environment and opportunities for all employees that allow them to attain their full potential personally and professionally.

In addition, we are committed to making a positive impact on the local padel community. This involves collaborations with inspiring partners and supporting community-led initiatives. By working together, we believe we can create positive change and unluck the full potential of padel.

Contact us

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Rocket Padel International ApS Haraldsvej 43 8960 Randers SØ, Denmark


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