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© Copyright Rocket Padel 2023

Rules Pack Ilford

Rules pack for the Box Leagues i Rocket Padel Ilford

Divisions/rounds The teams are divided into 3 divisions, where each division has 8 teams. You meet each team once, which gives 7 games per league. A round lasts 7 weeks. Each team plays one match per week. Each division is categorised by the Playtomic levelling system. Beginner: Levels 0-1.5 Lower Intermediate: Levels 1.5- 3 Upper Intermediate: Levels 3-4

For a full breakdown of the levelling system read here:

After each league is completed, the two best teams are moved up, the 7th and 8th down. In the case of the same score, the difference in games is counted primarily and head-to-head meetings secondarily.

We can also adjust what we believe will be the best level. Some teams may jump several divisions to adjust the level. Both up and down

The match time is 90 minutes, including a maximum of five minutes of warm-up.

Game rules:

Warm Up - Max 5 minutes

Match time 85 minutes

The matches are played in 3 sets, like in tennis with a tiebreak at 6-6. With Golden Point at 40-40.

" Golden point " simply means that games where it says 40-40 must end with a decisive point - where the returning team gets to choose in which square the server will serve.

The match is over when three sets are played, or when time runs out.

Side change takes place at set

In each match, the players share a total of 6 points.

Set winner gets 2 points.

Unfinished sets give the leader 2 points and the one behind 0 points.

In the event of a tie, both players receive 1 point.

A lead of only 1 game counts as a tie. 1 point for each team.

Un started sets give the players 1 point each.

When the time is up and the bell rings, the started ball or incomplete game, or tie-break, does not count.

If a pair folds, the opponent wins on wo, giving 6 points to the "winning pair" and 0 points to those leaving the wo WO

Where a pair is missed without notifying the opponent, the non-attendance gets -2 points and the opponent +6.0

If the participant must leave the wo or cannot play, the opponent has the right to dispose of the regular playing hour.

Remember to notify your opponents in good time if you cannot play your match; try to change the time. Remember to release the time by contacting

Balls A new can of Slazenger balls will be provided at the start of each match. These are included in the entry fee. Collect from reception prior to the start of your match.

Registration of match results The players (one of them) register the results of the match, via Playtomic or emailing

Rescheduling & Extra times If you cannot play at the appointed time, you must notify the opponent as soon as possible and arrange a possible change of match time. Make sure you free up the match time as soon as possible if you are not going to use it by emailing

You can then book and pay for a new playing time yourself. The cost of this new court will not be included in your entry fee if organised less than 7 days in advance.

If you cannot agree on a new match time or find a reserve, wo is awarded.

Reserves In the event of an obstacle, a reserve can be brought in. The team decides for itself which reserve it wants to bring in. The reserve may not play in a higher division. If the reserve does not play the series, we ask you to bring in someone at a similar level and must be of the same Playtomic level bracket. If you play in division 15, we do not recommend bringing a professional from the world padel tour for example!


© Copyright Rocket Padel 2023

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