Rocket Padel Acquire myPadel™

As part of our efforts to develop and expand padel, Rocket Padel has acquired the event-oriented padel company known as myPadel™. Founded by Guillermo Belmonte in 2018, the company has organized numerous padel-focused events, competitions and travels arrangements. Through this acquisition, Rocket Padel can broaden its customer base and cooperate with even more padel enthusiasts all over the world.

“It was a clear choice to join Rocket Padel. I can continue to do what I do best but within a family of like-minded people and with more energy than ever before. Now we can expand and hold even larger events, more trips, and nationwide competitions”, says Guillermo Belmonte.

Rocket Padel, with its complement of physical stores, e-commerce platform, and its own brands, has become a true lifestyle in the world of padel. Now it can broaden its services even more by offering more than just products.

Hans Müller, Marketing Manager at Rocket Padel; “Our ambition has always been to participate in the development of the sport; by cooperating with Belmonte and utilizing his experience, we can now expand into new verticals and offer even more services. It is not unlikely that we will soon be able to host events and competitions while also establishing ourselves in padel training and education”
The agreement will be signed during Q3 2020.


– Niklas Sävström

About Rocket Padel

Rocket Padel is the Nordic region’s largest pure retailer of padel. With over 400 products and 13 stores, Rocket Padel delivers a complete concept for the sport.
Rocket Padel sponsors several of the top 100 players in the world and also runs “Rocket Padel på Kajen” (Rocket Padel on the Quay) in Nacka Strand which was awarded the honor of “most beautiful outdoor court in Stockholm”.

About myPadel™

myPadel™ is a company that arranges numerous padel-oriented events such as trips, events, tournaments, corporate events and coaching visits. Through our good partnerships and happy employees, we ensure that you as a customer always have a wonderful and memorable experience.