Varlion Maxima Summum Prisma Radio 2022


Maxima Summum Prisma Radio 2022 has finally landed and as usual, Varlion dares to challenge the normal with new innovations and technologies that will develop the game. Maxima Summum Prisma Radio is a unique racket where the racket’s impact surface is constructed in a completely new way. Holes in padel rackets are usually drilled, but in Prisma Radio, Varlion has developed a patented technology to be able to cast the holes directly during manufacture. This means that the holes and the entire impact surface are completely intact and you run a much less risk of the impact surface cracking between the holes.

In addition to the technology itself, Varlion has also analyzed the air flow in the padel rack at the turn and realized that the air mainly passes through the outermost holes. For that reason, Varlion has now created large air intakes near the frame with its AirFlow technology so you always get the fastest possible turn. These holes are also cast in the mold and are therefore bevelled into the impact surface.

The hitting surface itself is made of only a unique layer of Italian 12K carbon fiber, which gives you a very good exit without the rack becoming too heavy. At the core of this Maxima-shaped racket, which is a hybrid between round and drop with medium balance, you will find a medium-hard core. Just as the name reveals, the rack Varlions also has very popular Summum properties and Prisma frame. This means that the handle is 2 cm longer than usual and that the hitting surface is also 1 cm longer than with other padel rackets. Thanks to these extra centimeters, you get a better lever in the strokes, larger sweetspot and it makes it easier for the two-handed backhand.

The prism frame then provides stability and rigidity for increased feeling, while facilitating air flow. At the end of the hitting surface you will find Varlion’s Slice technology which gives a clear structure for extra grip and just like with the holes, this structure is also cast directly into the mold.

Unique to Varlion’s rackets is also the way the seat belt is attached to the handle itself instead of to the knob. This means that the seat belt is more or less impossible to tear. This model is made 100% by hand in Spain and Varlion’s very own factories.

If you are instead looking for a more offensive alternative to this racket, we recommend Varlion Bourne Summum Prisma Radio.

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Additional information


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Padel racket



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350-375 g


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Carbon fiber


Round, Teardrop


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Completely unique game feeling. Very easy to maneuver and exit from the racket is huge! Because there are fewer holes in the sweetspot, more carbon fiber can hit the ball and set tremendous speed.


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