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A lot of people talk about hammer- or continental grip in padel, and a common reason why your hit might be a bit off or that you experience pain in your arm or elbow can come from the simple fact that your grip is wrong, therefore not allowing the right technique. But with Rättgrepp Grip Assistance you have the solution! Rättgrepp is easily attached to the handle of the racket and will then help you get just the right continental grip. So attach your Rättgrepp, go out on the court and learn one of the most important things in padel without having to take a lot of training hours. You can do this to sharpen other parts of your game aswell! Mounting instructions: Attach Rättgrepp around the shaft so that it ticks out obliquely downwards to the right. Grasp as if you were holding a hammer. Adjust the position of the grip so that it lies close to the skin between your index and middle fingers.

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