Noene Under-Grip AntiShock Bela Edt


Noene® Under-grip is specially developed for padel. This Noene version is developed together with, and quality assured, by the greatest padel player of all time – Fernando “Bela” Belasteguin. It protects hands and arms from tensions generated by blows. Less vibration also means less damage. It should also be used if you do not suffer from injuries or loads for preventive purposes. If you have major inflammation or other more serious problems, rest and rehab is recommended before you start playing again with a Noene® Under-grip. The vibration-absorbing material in Noene® can absorb up to 98% of vibrations. Replaces the base wrap and should not overlap when you attach it, except in the first round when attaching the wrap itself.

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Additional information

Additional information

Weight 500 g

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Padel accessories


Grip, Protection and Support


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