Padel Footwear

You can also find padel shoes for both women and men from our carefully selected range. We offer padel shoes from leading brands such as adidas, Babolat, Asics and many more. Shoes made for padel are very similar to the shoes that tennis players use on gravel surfaces; they feature the signature zigzag pattern (herringbone pattern) that gives a good, solid grip. In addition to the pattern, the rubber compound and the support on padel shoes are very important for comfort and agility.

Can I use any shoes when playing padel?

Padel is a sport with quick turns, a lot of jumps and a slightly different surface, which makes the choice of padel shoes very important. You can definitely use regular training shoes, but it is not recommended. Simply because different shoes serve different purposes.

Of course, it is possible to test the first time with any shoe you have. But to protect yourself from injuries and give yourself the best possible conditions, we recommend a padel shoe. Running shoes, for example, are designed to go straight and are also the best option for it! Unfortunately, the running shoes are not as stable laterally. With a padel shoe, you can instead move more smoothly, faster and easier. While reducing the risk of injury.

What is the difference between different padel shoes?

The difference between different padel shoes is small. The difference is mainly the soles. Either it has a sole with a herringbone pattern that is best suited for very sandy courts, or it has a so-called mondo-sole that is adapted for games on padel courts with less visible sand.

Which padel shoes should I choose?

It's not easy, we know! What you should keep in mind is which sole the shoe has, which fit is optimal for your foot and what stability it provides. For courts with a lot of sand, it is important not to slip too much and for tracks with a little sand, it is important that the foot does not get stuck too much on the surface. Cushioning and width in padel shoes are also aspects to take into account.

The sole for padel shoes can vary and are similar to the soles that are found in clay tennis shoes. Its herringbone pattern gives the best possible grip on courts with loose and visible sand. A pure padel shoe usually has a sole with a smaller herringbone pattern, but also an element of small knobs that helps at starts and stops. A popular type of sole for padel shoes is often called "mondo-sole". The sole is adapted for games on padel courts where the sand is less visible.

What is the difference between tennis shoes and padel shoes?

Many tennis shoes can be used as padel shoes as well! The difference is small, but there are important differences to keep in mind. The stability is usually the same in a padel shoe and a tennis shoe. What differs between the models is the sole and to a certain extent also the mobility. A tennis shoe that is adapted for gravel tennis works perfectly on the padel court thanks to the herringbone pattern in the sole, which provides optimal grip on sandy padel courts.

Both tennis and padel shoes are made to move in different directions and therefore the stability is the same in both. Pure padel shoes, however, have a slightly stiffer sole to facilitate rotations. It also has a slightly softer upper past as the foot movements can look a little different in padel where the focus is agility. A common mistake is choosing a tennis shoe that has an "all-court" sole. That sole has a smaller pattern than a herringbone-patterned sole and does not offer the same stable grip.

Here above you will find a large collection of tennis shoes and paddle shoes for both women and men from leading brands such as adidas, Nike, and Babolat. Of course, all are approved by Rocket Padel to use on the padel court!

I have problems with my ankles, what should I think about?

Unfortunately, this is not entirely uncommon in our beloved sport and the shoe manufacturers are aware of it! All padel shoes are built for lateral stability, but despite that, a moment of bad luck can still occur.

Think to find padel shoes that have a bulge on the outside of the shoe as it provides increased lateral stability. Otherwise, we can recommend buying about a half size larger (if necessary) and instead play with double socks or ankle protection for extra stability around the ankle.

If you have any more questions or concerns regarding padel shoes or any other equipment, you are always welcome to contact us!