Padel Rackets

Here you’ll find padel rackets from the leading brands all over the world. We provide a robust range for men, women, juniors, beginners and professionals. At Rocket Padel we ALWAYS offer our exclusive price guarantee — free shipping and a 60-day return period on ALL of our padel rackets.

Which padel racket should I choose?

It's a jungle, we know! As a beginner, we always recommend a padel racket with a round shape, soft core and low balance. Regardless of gender or identification, a lighter padel racket may be preferable to facilitate maneuvering. As a medium or advanced player, the material, balance and sweetspot will have a greater impact on which padel racket you choose. Advanced and intermediate players tend to choose heavier rackets and with a smaller sweetspot. Depending on what type of game you play - form, balance and materials will help you move forward.

What is the difference between different padel rackets?

Padel rackets is in general made with one of three different shapes: Round, teardrop and diamond. Round models have a sweetspot centered in the racket and offers more control. The diamond shape has its sweetspot higher up on the racket, which makes the padel racket more demanding while offering more power. As a hybrid between these shapes, we find the teardrop shape. It could be seen as a compromise between a round and diamond shaped racket. The sweetspot is in between the two sweetspots in round and diamond shaped rackets. The teardrop offers a good balance between power and control - all in all a all-round racket.

If you are unsure of what racket to play with, we can strongly recommend that you try our own Racket Advisor.

I suffer from a painful padel- or tennis elbow – which padel racket should I choose to ease the pain?

Unfortunately, there are plenty of players enduring pain on the padel courts. But it can be avoided. The pain is due to a tendon in the arm being stressed and it is often due to the player's padel racket being too hard and/or too heavy. Padel rackets with a soft core, low balance and possibly lower weight can ease the rehab of tennis elbow and padel elbow. An elbow protection is also helpful as treatment (you can find one here. Otherwise, there are good exercises to slowly but surely get rid of the pain and the borring solution is often to rest from playing. Sad but true. Treat the pain in time and act preventively so you do not have to rest too much from our wonderful sport! A hot tip is also to use a Noene Undergrip to get rid of the vibrations that occur upon impact in each shot.

Which padel racket is suitable for children or juniors?

For the youngest players out there, it is important to have as much fun as possible and the best padel rackets for children invite them to fun and games! Padel rackets for children and juniors weighs less, allowes the occasional mistake and is smaller in siza. An important detail to carry with you is not to buy a racket that is too heavy for your child at an early stage. Heavy rackets become too difficult to control and do not offer any fun at all. We have stated recommended ages for the padel racks for children and juniors in our assortment HERE. Most importantly? Allow the younger players to have as much fun as possible!

What are your top tips for a beginner?

The basics of padel are patience and movement. Our best tips for enjoying the game for a long time is to play calmly and methodically without trying to smash every single ball. If you play calmly and place the ball and keep your opponent moving, you will get the opportunity to smash the ball! We also recommend taking one or a few lessons with a coach to sharpen your technique. Check with your local arena what sort of coaches they can offer!