Padel Balls

Here you can buy padel balls from Head, Wilson, Babolat and other leading brands. We always strive to offer inexpensive padel balls that are always of the highest quality possible. Typically you’ll find the best deals when you buy padel balls in large packages. 

A padel ball is very similar to a tennis ball; at the beginner level, a tennis ball will suffice for when you’re just starting out. The biggest difference, however, is in the internal pressure — padel balls have a lower internal pressure than tennis balls and will therefore bounce less upon hitting the ground. This property is naturally well-suited to to the smaller-sized padel court. Playing padel with a tennis ball can make things much more difficult; the ball would bounce much more and would be more difficult to catch. Padel balls are also a little smaller in size compared to tennis balls. The padel ball and padel racket are the basic equipment needed in padel — without these, you couldn’t play or practice the sport. For this reason, it is important to choose the right type of ball. There are two main attributes that distinguish the padel balls. The first (and most important) attribute is the internal pressure. The greater the internal pressure, the higher the bounce and the faster play; on the other hand, lower internal pressures will make the ball bounce less and create a generally slower game. Preferences vary by individual, but one sure sign of a high-quality ball is its durability. You want to look for a ball that, regardless of its internal pressure, will last a long time and won’t vary too much when it comes to bounce and speed. The material of the ball can also have a significant impact on the game. Fuzzier balls tend to create a slower game; as such they are often recommended for beginners and players at lower levels. As you progress in skill, however, we encourage you to try a ball with less fuzzy outer material. That said, having a strong outer coating is extremely important as it protects the ball against shocks and hard bumps to ensure it will last longer and stay reliable.