Padel Bag

Here you will find various padel bags in different designs from brands such as Adidas, Wilson and Babolat. With compartments specifically designed to securely stow your racket and other accessories, a good padel bag is a reliable companion to take with you out onto the track. Buy your padel bag here.

Why do I need a padel bag?

There are several reasons to invest in a proper padel bag. One is for practical reasons as the padel bags have all the compartments you need to best carry and store your padel equipment.

Secondly, and probably most important, is to provide the best possible protection for your beloved padel racket. All rackets are sensitive to cold, heat and swift changes in temperature and paddle bags often have specific compartments for your racket with so-called thermo padding. The thermo padding provides excellent protection against the temperature differences and extends the life of your racket. So it is not only a smooth and practical investment for yourself, it is also a necessary investment for the durability of your racket.

Is a racket cover enough?

In short, yes! But. It is very important that the racket cover is thermo-padded to protect the racket properly. With some rackets the cover is included - just make sure that the cover is thermo padded as many are not. If the case it is not, we recommend that you check out a proper padel bag.

Is there any difference between a tennis bag and a padel bag?

Not really. They only differs in size. However, some tennis bags might not have the neccesary thermo padding to protect your padel racket.

What should I take in consideration when it comes to padel bags?

There are a few different things to keep in mind when choosing a padel bag. If you find a bag that makes you answer "yes" to the questions below, you have found the right one. All the padel bags we offer correspond to the first questions. It is really only the last question you need to consider. Easy!
1. Are there thermo-padded compartments for the racket?
2. Is there a separate compartment for the shoes?
3. Do I get a space for clothes, accesories and a towel in one of the large compartments?
4. Are there smaller compartments for other accessories?
5. Are there flexible shoulder straps that make the bag comfortable to carry?
6. Last but not least, does it look good?