Padel Accessories

Just like many other sports, padel has numerous accessories that are a small but important part of the game. Here you will find all sorts of key accessories such as grip bandages, sweatbands, bracelets, and other various items.

Why do I need a padel bag?

Hand sweating and sliding rackets are very common in padel. If you get a lot of hand sweat during the matches and that only gets worse during the most important points, you should have a dry overgrip, such as Tourna Grip Light. The overgrip should be absorbent and not sticky at all. If the grip is sticky, it will instead have the opposite effect, unfortunately.

What is the best over grip for padel?

It is very individual. Many people like sticky grips and it fits perfectly if you do not have too much hand sweat, like this one. If you have a lot of hand sweat, you should use a drier and more absorbent grip, like this one. Then there are over grips that are hybrid between these and fit in both directions, like for example Babolat Overgrip Pro Tour Comfort.

Which accessories can ease the painful padel elbow?

Padel elbow is always tough and nasty. To relieve the pain and ease the inflammation, you can use an under grip that removes large parts of the vibrations that occur when hitting the ball. One such grip is the Noene Under-Grip. It may also be that you need an ergonomic grip to avoid grabbing the handle so hard, such as Hesacore Padel Grip. To relieve the inflammation, you can gently use a liniment that warms and soothes the warmer you get. You can also use an elbow protector to relieve directly on the elbow. So, do not give up! The pain can be removed.

What is the difference between a Hesacore grip and a Noene grip?

The Hesacore Grip is an ergonomic grip that is placed directly on the handles and provides a structure in the grip. The grip increases the feeling of grip and provides channels where the air can move more easily and thus reduce hand sweat. The Noene wrap is an anti-vibration grip that is also placed directly on the handle and removes large parts of the vibrations that can cause a padel elbow.

What accessories can I use to protect my racket?

The best protection you can use to protect your racket when playing is a frame protector. The various suppliers usually have their own frame protectors which are adapted for their padel rackets. However, it is often possible to mix and match if you have a favorite racket and also frame protector. Just keep an eye on the width and length fit of the cover. Off the track, we recommend a thermo-padded racket cover or a padel bag with thermo-padded side compartments.