What should I do if a product is broken?

We only sell products from official distributors and agents in Sweden, which means that all of our products are covered by the supplier’s various warranties. As a customer, you have the duty to investigate.

What if a product breaks?

Of course, it depends on how it breaks down and what caused the damage. If you notice damage on a product, make sure to take careful photos and documentation and send your case to hello@rocketpadel.com.

What counts as damage to the racket?

Damage caused by blows to anything other than a padel ball is not covered by the supplier’s warranty. It does not matter whether the strike was deliberate or not. Therefore, make sure to be extra careful when using your racket near walls/glass/floors/net poles. Always use a frame guard, make sure to avoid hitting the racket with your palm, and don’t hit balls that are on the ground. Make sure to read our tips for racket care for more advice.

How do you know whether the damage was caused by hitting a wall rather than from hitting a ball? 

Each case is unique and it can sometimes be difficult to determine. The photos we received or the damaged product itself are typically sent to the manufacturer or supplier; they decide whether the damage falls under their warranty.

In most cases, however, the cause of the damage can be determined by the pattern of a crack or from its point of origin. If a crack originates from the frame and goes inward, it is usually because the racket has hit the edge of something hard (such as the glass, concrete or a net post).

How can I best take care of my racket?

We have a guide with good tips here. If you follow them carefully, the risk of damage is minimal.

How often should I change my racket?

It’s really a matter of personal preference. The more often you play and the higher your level, the more often you will need to change your racket. It is quite common for someone who plays 2–3 days a week to change their racket once a year. However, it is quite common to get a new racket of the same model since the material in the core can sometimes lose its elasticity in certain cases.

Which racket should I get?

Only you can answer that! However, we’re happy to help you figure it out. Feel free to check out our racket guide where you can take a quick test with our Racket Advisor.

How long does a racket last?

As long as you can take care of it, your racket will serve you well. However, in some cases the material in the core can begin to dry out and lose its elasticity over time. We recommend that you avoid buying new racks of overly old models to reduce the risk of this occurring.

How do I avoid tennis elbow/padel elbow or other problems such as shoulder and wrist pain?

This is a whole chapter in itself. Read our tips here.

If you have a question that you cannot find the answer to, we warmly welcome you to contact our customer support at hello@rocketpadel.com.
If you think there are other common questions that should be listed here, feel free to let us know!